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Лунная Соната


Цензура, ёлки!

А ведь рекламу фильма по американскому ТВ показывали очень часто.

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MARIANNE FAITHFULL Who Will Take My Dreams Away ?

I can't give you all my dreams
Nor the life I live.
You and I won't friendship miss,
That's all we got to give.

Who will take your dreams away
Takes your soul another day.
What can never be lost is gone,
It's stolen in a way.

Please, don't stand too close to me,
Can you hear my heart ?
Take my woe and lean on me
When we're not apart.

Now our mission is complete
And our friends are hid.
Evil things brought down by the light,
Life goes on until the end.

...конечно, без видеоряда из фильма La fille sur la pont воспринимается по-другому...

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